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Note to Clients...To minimize COVID19 risk to you and your family, I will continue to offer services via a tele-health platform, utilizing HIPAA compliant live video chat.  I am currently meeting with clients in person too, based on their health status and comfort level.  If you would like to make an appointment, please send me an e-mail ( to request an initial appointment.



Individual Clients

Sex Therapy



I help families, children, adolescents, couples and individual adults.  I specialize in systems work, an approach that recognizes the inter-connectedness of human beings.  Whether it is at work, school or at home, we affect and are affected by those around us.


My clients want to feel more content, improve their performance, be the best people, parents, employees or partners they can be.  I help them set goals for changes they would like to see in their lives and work with them until they are achieved.



​My office is conveniently located in the East Village/East Race area of downtown South Bend. Make an appointment and you'll feel better about your life and relationships in no time!

Your time is important...

“The time you spend with me will be purposeful, goal oriented and supported.”

Don Cronk


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