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Goal-Oriented. Experienced. Client-Focused.


Most couples wait far too long to make their first appointment to see a therapist for help.  If you are wondering if couples therapy is right for you, give me a call.  We can meet for an initial consultation to determine if you and your spouse/partner are candidates for couples therapy.  Trust issues permeate all facets of a relationship.  The lack of trust impacts communication as well as interpersonal and sexual intimacy.  I often tell my clients that trust is like a sand castle two people build together one grain of sand at a time.  When one person violates the trust it is like they hopped on an ATV and drove over the structure both have been working on since they met.  Sometimes the violation of trust flattens all trust and sometimes it puts a tire track through one portion.  Rebuilding trust takes both parties to agree to work on rebuilding it.  It takes time, patience and a skilled helper to help them get back on track.


Your sexual health is important.  I am a Certified Sex Therapist, trained and endorsed by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT).  My interest in sex therapy began 29 years ago as the member of a Kinsey Institute research team.  My mentors are Doctors Alan Bell and Betty Mooney, both legends in the field of sex therapy and research.

I specialize in helping my clients find ways to make more fulfilling connections with their partners.  Often people present with desire or performance issues.  After thorough evaluation we discover that there are psychological and/or interpersonal issues standing in their way of being the partner they want to be.  If your issue is the result of medical issues, I will refer you to friends in the medical community who will help you achieve optimum health. Nothing shocks me and no problem is too big or  small.  If you are ready to do something about it, I'm ready to help.



When there is an issue with one member of a family, it affects everyone.  I have been working with families for the last 24 years, helping them to make quick corrections, reestablish trust, improve communication and reconnect with each other.  While most therapists only see family systems in crisis, my work in educational settings has allowed me to see what works, as well as what doesn't, which makes intervening in malfunctioning family systems a more efficient process.  Whether it is a troubled child, teen or family addiction, I have been able to help my clients get back on track and stay there.  Mode of treatment generally includes individual and group work using cognitive behavioral and solution focused brief therapy.

A little about trust...

“Trust is an essential component of a good relationship.  Building trust is like building a sand castle with another person one grain of sand at a time.  It takes patience, teamwork and time." 

Don Cronk

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